Group of children at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Welcome to the R.O.C.K. Club!
Child at preschool at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Our Preschool Program is designed to meet the needs of children from ages 3 to 5 through Christ-centered learning.
Child at the after school program at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Our Before & After School Program offers children a safe environment to learn, play, and grow.
Child in Christ-centered child care at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Our mission is to support the family structure by providing quality Christ-centered care in a loving environment.
 at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Our Summer Program is an all-day, Christ-based program that is open to all school-aged children up to age twelve.
Group of children at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA
Tutoring is open to children in first through sixth grades and includes homework help, study skills, and learning support.

Offering Loving Christian Child Care & Tutoring in Radford, VA

"Reaching Our Community's Kids"

Compassion Radford’s R.O.C.K. Club has been serving families throughout Montgomery and Radford County, Virginia for over 16 years. We welcome you and your child to experience our loving Christian faith-based care and programs.
“With the Lord’s help, we want to become one of the friendliest places a child can come to after school each day in Radford. We want to be the kind of place that you are proud to have your child attend.”
-Christopher Blackburn - Director
Child drawing at R.O.C.K. Club in Radford, VA

We Offer Exciting Educational & Spiritual Development

Here at the R.O.C.K. Club, we offer an exciting and educational way of filling your child’s hours here at the center, as well as outside of school. Our program is focused on providing a loving Christian environment. Our pre-school program encourages your child’s intellectual and social development by offering Kindergarten-readiness activities. Our school-age program supports your child’s continuing progress by offering tutoring and homework assistance, as well as fun activities. R.O.C.K. Club staff members also provide assistance to help guide children in their spiritual development as we share basic Biblical principles.

Exceptional Faith-Based Child Care for Ages Three to Twelve

Our vision is to faithfully serve the communities of Radford, Montgomery County and Pulaski County by providing exceptional faith-based child care for all children aged three to twelve. We accomplish this by providing a balanced program that has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the whole child. Compassion Radford’s R.O.C.K. Club ministry equips children with the tools necessary to succeed academically and in life. We walk with them as they develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.
We believe in Proverbs 22:6, which says:
"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."
-Proverbs 22:6 ESV
Our R.O.C.K. Club facility is conveniently located at 1820 2nd Street in the west end of Radford. Compassion Radford has graciously given our program access to the fellowship hall, playground, gymnasium, and youth sanctuary for our activities.
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Thank you for considering the R.O.C.K. Club as your child care provider!
If you have any questions, please contact us at (540) 267-3000.